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Att rekyleffekten – gör något mer effektivt så kommer vi använda mer av det – existerar är väl inte direkt någon nyhet. Tycker dock att artikeln A simple extension of dematerialization theory: Incorporation of technical progress and the rebound effect var läsvärd (sammanfattning här). Författarna går igenom 57 stycken vanliga varor och hittar tekniska förbättringar i nästan alla fall, men inte ett enda fall där vi minskat det totala användandet. 

no matter how much more efficient and compact a product is made, consumers will only demand more of that product and in the long run increase the total amount of materials used in making that product. […] “There is a techno-optimist’s position that says technological change will fix the environment,” Magee observes. “This says, probably not.” 

Because they remain hot, they have to be electronically ventilated. This process of power-heating something we must in turn power-cool, for the phony ‘sake’ of mathematical processes intended to make more work each time they are implemented is deranged. We’re essentially turning computers into heaters that we have to cool to recompute previous computations with. On purpose. A single day of the environmental costs of this process are so catastrophic that if we ever did the accounting — if anyone did — we would immediately understand that this entire idea is a mode of ‘fracking the whole environment’ whose costs rise explosively with every moment we continue the process.

Only a species that had gone entirely insane, and consciously intended to wipe out life on Earth would ever consider such a process. But any species that could actively celebrate and expand it — must be understood as both emphatically suicidal and openly omnicidal. In short: they intend to kill everything, anything, and themselves — and are hell-bent on the continuous and unlimited expansion of this agenda.

Bitcoin = Death Processors